The Story Of Darian

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Darian kando start it s activity in apiculture since 1360 with coapration of his boys and Mr kordian just in a traditional and regional way.

Mr kordian in a first time at 1360 , start beekeeping with 5 cologne and after a little time with efforts and using experiences,expert tips and veterans, it has gone to 1200 cologne.

It did not take a long he feel that he should change from traditional to modern and health completely.he sell honey to consumers after that he create a modern factory to packing honey.he also raise the level of quality with a broader effort.

In 1384, he was examplary beekeeper of the ministry of agriculture and get appreciation of president. In 1388, he built a factory and equipped with the best facilities. So this factory equiped glasswashing machine and heating system for drying glasses and packing line without human intervention launched for first time in Iran. So the factory is the most advanced laboratory equipment and supplies. The department of state standard was chosen as the refrence honey laboratory.

Awards :
1. Have a standard certificate for all products.

2. get appreciation for improving the quality and hygienic condition from customer veterinary office.

3. Choose one of the province s agricultural jihad in 1393year.

4. Approval of products by the society for the protection of diabetics in 1393 year.

5. Honey refrence laboratory selected by the directore ib 1393 year.

6. Have a ISO certificate 9001, 9002 ,Halal, HSE and HECC brand.

7.choose a unit of packing honey by the beekeepers union.